Evolving furniture design

Organic lounging

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Loopita by Victor Aleman

I love the organic flow and natural feel of this piece.
The design is inviting and comforting both in material choice and spacial density.
The piece offers various options for social interaction.
If two were to occupy opposing sides of a curl this would offer a warm collaborative environment, where if two were to relax on separate loops, privacy is organically implied.

Lounge concept from Anitdiva

This piece takes the classic sectional planform and tweaks it into a contemporary sculpture that scares the stuffing out of throw pillows.

Nouveau Lounge by Kate McCreary

The side profile is incredible. It is unpredictable yet inviting. The interaction of hard geometry with asymmetrical organic lines creates a work of art you can’t help but want to sprawl out on.

Oh Void in corian by Ron Arad
No one knows how to walk the fine line between geometric and organic better than Ron Arad. His famous work named “Oh Void” has seen many imaginings in various mediums and processes such as carbon fiber, acrylic and silicone. This version, milled out of Corian, highlights its curves and sectional geometries through individual layers evoking a feeling of growth and nature, similar to that of rings in a tree or ripples in a pond.
Wave by Royal Botania
Nothing creates a certain emotional response to lounge furniture quite like the hammock does. A certain feeling of calm, solitude, or relaxation is typically tied to the thought of lounging in one. No other lounge furniture has the same distinction. Take this piece called “Wave” by Royal Botania; A new rendition of the hammock classic, it elegantly embodies peaceful recuperation from a hectic world.
The Gladis lounge by Aqua Creations
These pieces introduce that beanbag chair element with a mature elegance for relaxing in an upscale environment.
Roller Sun by Karim Rashid
The simple changes in depth add a modern spin to a classic lounge profile.
Archetto by Sybarite and Marzorati Ronchetti
A lounge sculpture that screams amorphous organic while allowing the user to define how they lounge.
The Sensation lounge by Alexander Christoff
This rendered concept is just about at the extreme of organic ergonomics. I’m intrigued by it’s potential comfort.
How about this amazing concept?
The Zen Recliner by Jay Hung and Paul Fong might be just what you need after a hard day at work.
Cloe designed by MYYOUR
Lounging is always better with friends!
This beautifully shaped poolside chair denotes how a simple elegance can be enhanced when used in multiples.
Although I’m sure I’ll dedicate another entire sprout on occasional side tables, I really like these too!

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