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Today I thought I would have a little fun with furniture. We all love our pets, but hair on the furniture can become a huge issue Rather than Pet proof our furniture, why not give our pets something that is their own?

An estimated 60% of all US homes have a pet (true), and an estimated 99% of all homes have human furniture (ok, so I made that one up. I’m not sure what the other 1% are sitting on, but who knows, maybe they’ll get a kick out of this post too! )

When we’re talking about reducing hair on furniture, there are tons of online posts about this. There are all sorts of tips and tricks to remove the hair, and obviously Leather is a great option, but why not think about this a whole different way? Instead of getting angry at your pet for shedding on your furniture, let’s look at some furniture that they can have full access to.

The first idea is a couch for you, that integrates a cat tunnel for your furry friend. They can hide out or join in, while you watch today’s edition of the PIR. It gives them the ability to feel like a part of the fam, while giving them the privacy they want when feeling a little introverted.

cat - sofa

I love this concept because it really integrates human and pet furntiure together into one design

Designed by korean designer Seungji Mun, you can see detaials here

How about this cat couch? It allows your kitty to chill next to you while elevated off the floor.


Aptly named “The Pod” by Hepper is a genius design. It lets your cat climb in and be off the floor, while being isolated in their own space. The top can also be removed when they feel like lounging and still being social.

This elegant sofa design integrates a pet bed in the base of the arm. Since the arm is open, your pet can pop in, to feel like part of the action, or chill out on their own space. I like that this piece doesn’t sacrifice an elegant timeless aesthetic to cater to your pet, rather integrates their space and keeps the high end look!


Maybe your pet is a little bit of a design nut like yourself? What better way to show off both of your taste by giving them their own couch. Instead of just a basic pet bed that every pooch seems to have these days, elevate your decor by adding some modern flare.

Dog couch  Picture 1 Moderno+Dog+Bed+in+Diamond+Fabrics

Easily washable and super comfy, these dog couches make your pooch feel like they are part of the family during TV time. They come in all sorts of styles to easily fit you and your pet’s decor style. (Yes… They even make a Race Car bed for dogs..google FURRari bed ) With options such as this or ones imitating famous Le Corbusier designs, any designer would be proud.

Wayfair.com has tons of pet couch ideas. Check them out here; Pet couch

If you want to get even more custom check out this option;

cat lux

Don’t worry I didn’t forget about all the cat lovers. This awesome cat bed lets your feline live in the true life of luxury. Cedal Pets and Style is a custom furniture design company that focuses on building pieces suited for your furry friends.

I love the idea of integrating your pet into your life, and if that means giving them a seat right next to you in the office, then so be it.

Dog- credenza

If your Dog loves to keep you company while you work I think this idea above could be easily turned into an office option. It is shown set up as more of a TV credenza, but I think with a few tweaks a similar version could be built into your desk, allowing your pet to hide away during those long boring conference calls.

I’ve touched on it before, but one of my favorite lounge furniture pieces is the hammock. Nothing else says relaxation like swinging between two palm trees on a deserted tropical island. Now your cat can imagine doing just that, without all the hassle of going through TSA stuffed in a tiny carrier.

cat hammock cat hammock 2

You can find these great hammocks at catcrib.com or, petloungestudios.com

Is space at a premium? How about a pet murphy bed?

Picture 2

I like this idea because it allows you to hide away your pets bed in a stylish piece of furniture. Hair, what hair? When company comes over, or if space is at a premium, why not allow your pet to pretend they are in a 1980’s sitcom?

If you want to let your pet beat the heat in style, but don’t want their peers to ridicule them for being shaved all summer, here are a couple COOL ideas.

The air conditioned pet house. Keep their own thermostat turned way down for those humid beach days.


This not so humble abode offers features such as LED interior lighting, adjustable temperature settings, and even a built in webcam, so you can check on your pet while at work. You can grab one for your pampered pet here

Another option to give your pet the cool temps they desire is the duotemp pet bed.


With a built in fan system, It’s like those air conditioned seats you dream about having in your beamer 🙂 Why not at least let someone in your family enjoy this comfort all day long?

How about those pets that jet-set to luxurious locations on the daily? Well I have a solution for them as well. It’s called the Global Gallivanter trunk, and screams pet luxury. I love how everything has a very specific place, purpose, and elegance about it.


Rest assured, with your butler carrying around this complete kit, your pet will never be without their essentials. It comes complete with silk bed, water bowl, collar and leash, passport holder, and plush chew toy. I’ve seen this advertised for around $2,000, which may be why it’s no longer listed on the manufacturers webpage. Maybe it’s like the Visa Black Card; if you are worthy of this exquisite trunk, you will be contacted.

What about something a little edgy, to offset your contemporary home decor? Check out these eclectic ideas to fit the most unique of spaces.


The Cat Cabin is hand made out of bent wood and comes with a comfy water and dirt repellant cusion.See more on it here

canine-fine-art-cave_1CpfA_48 FMWimg

Scottie’s canine caves and feline mountains are some of my favorite designs I’ve found for retrofitting your space to give your pet some shelter from the terrain of everyday living.

Taken direct from the manufacturer’s webpage, “Scientific evidence strongly suggests that modern day canines are in fact decedents of the wolf. It is no secret that both species share many similar physical and behavioural characteristics. At Scottie’s Fine Art caves Inc. we believe that every canine companion /wolf descendent living within our homes unequivocally has a right to their own private space. Here at Scottie’s Fine Caves Inc. under the watchful eye of the President and founder, Scottie the terrier, we work diligently to create such spaces, one of a kind, hand-crafted Canine Fine Art Caves for the entire life of your companion.”

I love the concept, and I love the design, with an elevated interior sleeping area, built in sound deadening, and even cave art on the interior walls, the only thing not to love is the 6 thousand dollar price tag that comes with bringing the outdoors to your loft. see more


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