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Furniture is sometimes regarded as such a serious subject matter. What will people think when they enter my home? Some even go so far as to put plastic over everything, or have an entire room thats sole function is to never be used, but to show off “what my house could look like if I didn’t have kids or cleaned every day :)” Today I thought I would poke a little fun at this mentality. Furniture is meant to be used! Some of my favorite pieces are not necessarily the coolest looking or the most trendy thing to brag how much you spent on it to your co-workers. Some of my favorite pieces are simply FUN. They evoke a childlike giggle when you see them, or use them. These tend to start a conversation more easily than any pristine white parlor I have ever sat in by far.

Here are a few ideas that you could throw in your favorite room, just to start a little conversation and say “furniture is supposed to be FUN!”

Unique-Fusion-Table-Cool-Design-Innovative        img_paint_drip_table_2

Unique “Fusion Table”  by Matthew Robinson and “Paint Drip Table” by  John Nouanesing are two very different creations and approaches to a similar design idea. I love both of these and couldn’t decided which to showcase, so I figured I would compare and contrast. While the Fusion Table is carved out of walnut and maple to create this fun conversation piece, the Paint Drip Table has a much more modern aesthetic. The Paint Drip table almost suspends time, as the paint glossily oozes over the sides. I don’t what else to say other than I love both of these for adding a little fun factor to any room!

Furniture (1)

Aptly named the “Funky Blast Chair”, this piece is hand crafted in the UK and sure to bring a sense of fun into your living room. The chair is a padded seat connected to 31 American ash legs. It really takes a traditionally stuffy element of americana furniture and uses it in such a unique way, it is guaranteed to get attention. I believe this particular piece is sculpted to sit level on certain legs. Of course my imagination wonders, what if this could roll around and depending on your current mood for sitting angle, land on any 3 legs, and balance there?

???????????????????????????????????????????????  Sobey-Dressers

Judson Beaumont is always looking to push his conceptual furniture pieces to a new level of fun and exciting. His “Bad Table” and “Sobey Dressers” are two of my favorites. Completely bringing comedy back into a typically mundane world of furniture is a tough task, but here it is shown flawlessly. Breaking the paradigm that drawers need to be square or equal is such a simple design criteria yet so difficult to execute. The way that the top surface of the “Bad Table” curves up to one corner to allow it to do it’s business is seamless. The small details that go into the craftsmanship of these pieces is what really gives them their whimsical personification, and makes it believable.  Please check out more of this amazing designer’s work at Straight Line Designs

Let’s make furniture FUN again !!!


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