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RawFern Checks out Street Seats

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After a couple of attempts to see this being thwarted by rainy weather, I finally got a beautiful day last week and jumped on the opportunity! The Street Seat exhibit is truly one of a kind for Boston. Designed and arranged by Design Museum Boston, and sponsored by companies including RedThread this exhibit puts creative ideas for outdoor seating on display in Boston’s Fort Point district.

I love the idea that a design exhibit can be demonstrated and shared with the public in its actual environment. The benches were picked from many submissions and placed strategically downtown for all to enjoy. The benches comprise a couple mile loop around one of my favorite areas of Boston to wander. You have an amazing view of the boats, yachts, architecture of the financial and seaport districts, the historical reenactments of the tea party in the channel, and refreshing sea breezes rolling in over the piers. Over the past few years, the Seaport district has seen a huge awakening with the art community with so much renovating going on, and new buildings popping up it seems like an excellent place for such an initiative.

We had so much fun exploring the area, seeing how the public interacted with new seating options offered to them and reading about each bench’s design process. It’s really interesting to see all of the different approaches to the same design criteria, and how each creator tied the bench into it’s surroundings. Some made connection to the local architecture, the waterfront heritage, or spirit of the environment in Fort Point. Of course we had our favorites, but you will just have to go check them all out for yourself and make your own opinions. This really is an amazing exhibit and I encourage everyone to support these art-integrated-into-society shows, and Design Museum Boston.

Check out some photos I snapped along the way, and visit the link here for more info on locations, guided tour dates, and the design process behind these awesome works.

From the exhibits website;


Design brings communities together. Public seating sets the scene for chance encounters, people watching, connecting with nature, or just taking a break.

On September 20, 2012 Design Museum Boston invited individuals and teams from around the world to rethink the humble public bench and design an iconic bench or ‘street seat’ for around the Fort Point Channel. The goal of the challenge was to improve the livability of this burgeoning urban area, using design, while being socially and environmentally conscious.

We received over 170 entries from all over the world — 23 countries in all were represented. Entrants participated by designing sustainable outdoor sidewalk furniture with a focus on reuse, using environmentally-friendly materials, and innovative construction methods. Design teams recorded their process along with their final designs.

Street Seats: Reimagining the Public Bench is the culmination of this incredible challenge. The outdoor exhibition features 17 unique public benches. Enjoy a walk around the Fort Point Channel and see the city in a whole new light.”

street seat 1 street seat 2

street seat 3 street seat 4

street seat 5 street seat 6

street seat 7 street seat 8

street seat 9                http://designmuseumboston.org/exhibits/streetseats/


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