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Sprouting Back to School

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It’s that exciting time of the season again where everyone starts planning their “First Day Outfit”. Back to school is almost a mainstream media holiday with every commercial and news topic somehow touching on the subject. Stores are making a push to sell everything from backpacks and notebooks to clothing and breakfast cereals, guaranteed to get your kid off to school on the right foot. In honor of this glorious holiday that little kids dread, and to college kids screams freedom like William Wallace, I hereby bring you some back to school furniture ideas with a little RawFern flair !


Ah yes, the dormroom classics; the inflatable chair, the foldable camping special, or the beanbag… What if you could wow your entire floor and score some points with your RA? The Tooth Brush Sofa is a sure fire win with drunk college kids whose biggest concern is where the next party is or what pajamas to stumble into class wearing. This piece was designed by a Buck University student as a tribute to the seriousness of oral hygiene, every college students first concern.


With the onset of the new college semester, getting acquainted with your new dorm room floor may be an understatement. With real estate being at a premium in most common rooms, why not make the most of it for relaxation and comfort? This carpeted masterpiece is reminiscent of a mini golf challenge from hell, but looks perfect for lounging or studying.


When does a door constitute a piece of furniture worthy of RawFern? Answer: When it flips open in half and becomes a ping pong table! Pure awesome. College fun sure has come a long way since I was taking doors off of hinges, and mounting them on top of dorm chairs.


If Ping Pong isn’t your  thing for the dorm room, how about pool? This sofa back flips into a pool table that is easy to stow away when company comes over and wants to play some N64 🙂


Since going back to school is an enterprise for selling products to the elementary school demographics, why not extend this outside of the basic supplies and cereal commercials? This ironic park bench is exactly what I had in mind! Styling an old school bench with a school playground slide brings me back to my childhood. It’s unique playful sense of nostalgia works fluidly with its functionality.

combined-couches-design_sofa                           couch-sofa

As any designer taking intro to color theory classes can attest; there is something extremely beautiful about the blending of colors and using gradient to tie pieces together. These cool sofas are any designers’ dream seat. They come in all sorts of colors and intersect beautifully. Designed by Philippe Nigro, see more about them here.

lego-shaped_sofa logo_sofa

When I was a kid, there was nothing I loved more than building things out of Legos. I always dreamed of having life size versions that could be built into real world items. Now it’s possible! These soft foam building blocks interlock and provide a comfy seat with childhood style. When you get bored with your current version, pretend you are the Hulk, knock it down, and rebuild it into a spaceship!


When all your studying for finals has you at your breaking point, here is the perfect chair to channel that stress. The concept is a perfectly beautiful steel cube that you need to smash and beat into something that resembles your dream chair. Now personally, being a minimalist and probably a little OCD, it would drive me nuts if this didn’t smash into what I planned. With a $6,000 price tag, I think the statement is really more about the ability to be frivolous with your trust fund and probably not in the cards with most budgets that consider ramen noodles top of the grocery list. Get one here.

Have fun on your first day back!!!


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