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Reclaiming Found Furniture

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One of my favorite types of furniture is repurposed items. I love when you interact with a piece of furniture and almost get a history lesson at the same time. Up-cycling is the hot trend right now, saving antiques from hitting the junk yard, and even reclaiming some from the junkyard itself. By repurposing some of these incredible finds into furniture, it serves as a functional way to display the soul of the piece without shrouding it glass. I love to see old factory equipment used in this capacity. These original tools of the trade were built to last, with american made craftsmanship, heavy duty aesthetic, and usually have that real distressed patina and soul that comes from 100 years of abuse. Check out this awesome use of a factory cart being turned into a coffee table. A friend of mine rescued these from a factory that closed down, and has cleaned them up and sealed them. You know you want one for yourself 🙂

Please contact Curtis for purchasing info @ Curtis.Mathes2020@Gmail.com

Consider this your teaser and stay tuned for an entire sprout on reclaimed wood later this week !!!

factory cart

factory cart 2


One thought on “Reclaiming Found Furniture

  1. very cool… you should consider making robots with re-claimed items!

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