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Reclaimed wood straight from the RawFern forest

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img_4054-300x225           IMG_0135

Some people might look at this dusty old pile of wood and not understand, but to me, these are all beautiful projects waiting to happen. Reclaimed wood has gained a lot of attention in the last decade as being a sought after aesthetic. You can design an entire living room based around a 1920’s barn motif and fit right in in LA. Below are a few instances of taking that old growth soul, and putting toward a new purpose, and I might add an elegantly designed one.

reclaim 22

This bathroom takes the reclaimed soul of barn wood to a new level. With integrated wrought iron accents and mating up to the new age aesthetic with the glass, this is an epic space that I would love to call my own.

reclaim 25

This kitchen island is a great example of rustic contemporary. The stools are awkward and not my favorite, but the island is a sure win.

reclaim -48%22 rnd coffee tbl

How about a 48″ round coffee table made from taken down and recycled lumbar? love it!

reclaim 1

A dresser / credenza unit utilizing the lighter washed out drawer fronts as contrast to the more finished vertical lines of the piece.

reclaim 2

I love when reclaimed wood meets metal in a perfect commingling of function and medieval aesthetic 🙂Product Image Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed Reclaimed-Wood-Bed-Plans-With-Window-Glass Reclaimed-Wood-Table-With-Wood-Headboard

Oh reclaimed wood beds, where do I begin?


This slab of wood is something that you just don’t find anymore, and definitely not within your local lumbar yard. Theres just something amazing about the way a large piece of lumbar can feel extremely strong and powerful in a space yet feel warm and light at the same time. The concrete floors only add to accent this piece and bring together the overall feeling of this incredible space.

pallet 1 pallet 2 pallet 3 pallet 5 pallet 6

Not all reclaim has to come from a barn, or from a very expensive custom lumber supplier. Wood is used everywhere, and pallets are some of the most common pieces you can find everywhere. Very often, warehouses will let you take their used pallets for free to get rid of them. I love furniture made out of pallets like these examples above. Many pallets are made out of hard wood in order to take the abuse of shipping, and it’s that exact abuse that makes the wood look as beautifully worn and varied as it does.


Usually spiral staircases are a pet peeve of mine. They look amazing, but are typically not a good experience to use on a daily basis. I would have to make an exception for this particular staircase with it’s infinite perfection haha!

Moral of the story? Reclaimed wood and metal are in! Use them as an accent piece or do an entire room, not only is it good for the environment, it’s great for design!


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