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Tractor Seats

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To go along with my recent post about reclaimed wood, I thought I might touch on some other cool sources of reclaimed materials used to create furniture. I stumbled upon a bar stool made from a tractor seat and and felt that it really embodied that same upcycled aesthetic that is sought after right now. The old rusty barn-chic look is currently making a run in rural and suburban design circles, and has an amazing quality to it. The patina and age give the pieces a hand crafted soul, that you just can’t find any longer in a factory mass produced item. Tractor seats were designed to be sat on for hours at a time in a bumpy field. In order to take a piece of hard metal and make it comfy for this use requires some incredible ergonomic design. When the tractor seat was first sculpted, ergonomics wasn’t a field of study, these really showcase a design born out of necessity. Check out these tractor seats, and keep on the look out for the next cool reclaim trends!

tractor 7

tractor seat stool

tractor 4


tractor 8

tractor 9

tractor 10

tractor 11

tractor 12


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