Evolving furniture design

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Miscellaneous Monday

Is it furniture? No.

Is it Awesome? Yes!

Here’s just a few cool design ideas to get you through your manic Monday 🙂

airplane faucet


How cool are these bath tub controls? I always had a thing for planes when I was a kid, and still do to this day. There’s something nostalgic and timeless about this design. I love it!



Champagne flutes sometimes feel too flimsy or fragile. I’ve been referred to as a bull in a china shop after a few drinks, and I think these might just help me get a grip 🙂

lightbulb candle


Oh how I love Irony in design!

night lite


Sweetest nightlight ever. Kids think it’s fun, parents respect the artistic element. Win Win.




When you run out of silverware at work, attach these washable beauties to the end of your pen, and problem solved! if you happen to be mowing down at a coffee shop while reading war and peace, now you’ll have a pen at hand to jot down that cute girls number sitting across from you…