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RawFern is back from hibernation!

I’m back, and more excited than ever! I have been dormant from the blog for a while, but it’s time to let it grow back to life. Although I’ve been away, there definitely has been no shortage of inspiration or amazing ideas that I want to share with my readers. I have all sorts of exciting posts lined up.

First, why the time off?  Well to be honest, Life has just been incredibly busy, and with so many things going on, unfortunately the blog took a back seat for a little while. Since my last post I landed a job at a new company, proposed to my girlfriend, bought a house, put together a dream wedding on a shoestring budget, grew a beard lol, and traveled the world; not a small list by anyone’s standards!

Second, I felt like the blog was going in a very impersonal direction. I was writing about all the furniture I loved, but many pieces I had only saw a photo of, or read about. I really want this blog to evolve into more of my own experiences; things I’m building, or pieces that I have actually touched, sat in, or kicked the tires of.

Of all the adventures recently, I’m really excited to let everyone see all of the projects going on at the new house! Now up until this point, my wife and I have always been renters, so obviously we were limited in our design/ reno choices. Now that we bought our first home, it’s like the flood gates have been opened, and everything I’ve ever wanted to try in a space is suddenly top of my priority list. Down to the studs!!! Did I mention I now have a full wood shop in the basement of the new place? (I will have to dig up a photo of the makeshift shop from when we were in our apartment, so you can see the improvement) My wife is a saint for allowing it, and I can’t wait to show off some of the new furniture I will be building for our home!

In the meantime; Some photos to catch you up to speed 🙂

Designing and Building some awesome furniture at my new job (we even made it into a few magazine spreads)

untitled.pngimage1.JPG   IMG_5358.JPG

VB.jpg IMG_8989.JPG


FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Proposing on the beach. Total surprise style.


The Wedding!



And of course our new house, which I’m sure you will see a lot more of soon! So many projects to come!IMG_9934.JPG

Feel free to leave comments about anything you would like to see more about in future posts, and see you soon!