Evolving furniture design


Ferns are some of the most interesting plants on the forest floor. Much like an idea in furniture design, the fern grows and evolves organically. It begins as a small tight sprout, with a ton of potential all coiled up in a fiddlehead, which given the proper nurture blossoms into a beautifully elaborate yet delicate creation.

RawFern seeks to explore all aspects of furniture, from initial concepts, to mass produced contract lines. Shedding light on Avant Garde pieces, interesting furniture solutions, or drawing attention to furniture we interact with every day. Hopefully by visiting this blog, you will in some way become inspired by furniture, maybe see something you’ve never heard of, or come up with a new idea for your home.

As ferns evolve they define their space and grow outward in a random yet organized sort of chaos, appearing as a predetermined pattern. They morph each year into a beautiful symmetry that when tessellated with a multitude of similar yet never exact replications, produce an intoxicatingly well designed area blanketing the forest floor with elegance. Hopefully with time, this blog will be able to do the same, and create an encyclopedia of furniture topics or trends.



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